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Why Organically Grown Food Is Healthier

Mother Nature has designed a symbiotic relationship between plants and the soil microbes (mainly bacteria, fungi and earthworms) where the plants give shade and leaves to the microbes and these microbes in turn draw minerals from the soil and make them available to the plants. This symbiotic relationship evolved and perfected by nature over millions of years was broken up when man started farming by clearing the forest thousands of years ago.


Organic farming seeks to re-establish this relationship between microbes and the plants by taking the following steps:  


1. Stopping the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

2. Adding organic manure in the form of cow dung, wormi-compost, farm yard manure etc. to the soil

3. Practicing green manuring where a crop such as Sann Hemp is grown specifically to bury it in the soil so as to increase the organic matter in the soil.

4. Adding bacterial cultures to the soil..


As a result of these steps, the soil becomes healthier, the plants that grow on them
become healthier and are able to resist attack by insect pests/ diseases and the plant

produce becomes more nutritious for human consumption - more nutritious because it is higher in mineral content because of the enhanced microbial activity in soil.



According to a study published in the "Journal of Applied Nutrition" the mineral content of  organically and conventionally grown apples, potatoes, pears, wheat and sweet corn over a two year period , the amount of minerals in organic food compared to conventional food as follows: 



63 % higher in organic food


78 % higher in organic food


73 % higher in organic food


59 % higher in organic food


138 % higher in organic food


125 % higher in organic food


390 % higher in organic food


60 % higher in organic food

Source: "The Food Revolution" by John Robbins

Consuming organically grown food will not only improve your health
but also the health of the soil and the economic condition of the farmer.


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